Welcome to the early preview version of BuddyFuse Web Messenger.

The current version of BuddyFuse Web Messenger enables you to chat with your friends on the Windows Live Messenger (MSN) chat network from your webbrowser. We plan on adding support for other networks in the future.

When at school, at work, or at a friend's you may have limited access to the official downloadable Windows Live Messenger software. BuddyFuse Web Messenger is the easiest way to chat with your friends on the MSN chatnetwork from anywhere.

It has been designed to have a familiar look and feel just like Windows Live Messenger.

Other web messengers ask for their users' personal information, such as their username and password. With BuddyFuse Web Messenger you submit this information directly to Microsoft, and your personal information including your chat activity will never pass our servers.

This makes BuddyFuse Web Messenger safer, faster, and more reliable than other web-based messenger services.